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Helsinki's Guild of Assassins organizes assassination games and other assassination-themed events in the capital metropolitan area.


Please take kindly note that the website is currently being translated from Finnish into English and all info may not yet be available on both languages. If you happen to feel the need to switch the language, there are small menus for it at the end of each page and in the lower right corner of your browser window.


Instructions how to navigate on the website:

  • The upcoming events are listed in the calendar.
  • The info about the Fall Tournament 2019 is here and the event list is here.

  • The instructions how to join the association's email list are here.
  • The upcoming events are advertised also on our Facebook page.
  • More info from the assassination games is available here.
  • The complete set of tournament rules is available here.
  • The list of current board members is here.
  • The instructions how to become a member are available here.