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Fall Tournament is an assassination tournament held at fall for several weeks, which uses individuals' murder rings as a format. Fall Tournaments have been around since 2013. On this page is a short recap about the history of Fall Tournaments.

Please take note that the old event pages for past tournaments can't be read at the moment, as the pages are being transferred from one site to another. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

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Fall Tournament 2013, "Recycling Weeks", was played 30.9.-20.10.2013. The umpires were Tuomas Puikkonen (head umpire), Arttu Leinonen, Jenni Ott, Eva Aalto, Sami Sillman and Sami-Pekka Hirvonen (weapons umpire).

Are old skeletons hidden in your closets? Does it feel like the lead on your gun should be replaced with a fresher one? Join the Recycling Weeks of the Helsinki Guild of Assassins! Put the lead in circulation and hang a new skeleton in the cupboard. The purpose is to clean up the organisation's ranks and the streets of Helsinki before the autumn. At the same time, room is made for new stars and it is seen whether old white beards can no longer compete with new upstarts.


Syysturnaus 2013 pisteet / Fall Tournament 2013 scoring

Peitenimi / AliasMurhat / MurdersTapot / KillsPidätykset / ArrestsSivulliset uhrit / Collateral damageTodistajat ja silminnäkijät / Witnesses and observersPisteet / Points
Alikersantti Talvi4000643.5
Talonmies Jantunen4000438
Mikko Kuuskuuskuutonen1010121.5
Kuukauden työntekijä000008
Saarnaava hippi000006
Yön titaani000001
Tohtori Krabola00000-10


Fall Tournament 2014, "Danger of Frost", was played 29.9.-18.10.2014. The umpires were Tuomas Puikkonen (head umpire), Laura Immonen and Esa Perkiö.

At the end of summer, once the nights grow dark, a hailstorm of fall murders is closing and the forecast shows occasional bullet showers.
Sharp night stings may also amplify gore fumes on cooling corpses and something else than frost is snapping at the corners of houses.
In the dusk of fall nights, beverages used to fend off cold may have a rigor mortis as a side effect.
Cold-headed planning and freeing action is as such called out for, for between 29.9. and 18.10., there is a Danger of Frost.


Fall Tournament 2015, "Social Contract", was played 28.9.-17.10.2015. The umpires were Johannes Järvisalo, Juha Alander, weapons umpire Ville Lovikka and head umpire Suvi Lintuvaara.

Social contract fell - it is time to cut with a rough hand!

The poster of the Fall Tournament 2015.


Fall Tournament 2016, "Delicacies of Harvest Season", was played 26.9.-16.10.2016. The umpires were MM Tuomas Puikkonen (head umpire), Arttu Leinonen (weapons umpire), LL Ville Lovikka and Jere Tupala (player umpires). The events of the tournament (mainly in Finnish, so a machine translation is recommended).

Mix together a dab of hand cream, an alarm clock, a plush snake and a fair splash of water. Season with vinegar and wrap carefully into tinfoil. Let it simmer in a staircase for three hours, but give it a paranoid check every five minutes. The dish is ready, when it explodes.

The poster of the Fall Tournament 2016.


Syysturnaus 2016 pisteet / Fall Tournament 2016 scoring

Peitenimi / AliasMurhat / MurdersTapot / KillsPidätykset / ArrestsSivulliset uhrit / Collateral damageTodistajat ja silminnäkijät / Witnesses and observersPisteet / Points
M. Amanita235.5
Red Jack11130.5
Captain T10
Stefan Richter16.5
Isä Grigori3.5
Stick 'em with the pointy end2
Berry Picker2
Aku Valtti2
Nigella Lawless1.5
Chef Chaput0
Agent 470
Mr. J-5


Fall Tournament 2017, "Swamp, Hoe and Corpse", was played 2.-22.10.2017. The umpires were LL Suvi Nurmi (head umpire), LL Esa Perkiö (weapons umpire), LL Mika Mäkelä, LL Lauri Torikka and MM Tuomas Puikkonen (player umpires).


Fall Tournament 2018, "Cold Ride", was played 1.-20.10.2018. The umpires were Juho Gröhn (head umpire), Arttu Leinonen (weapons umpire), Soile Itkonen and Katariina Leppänen (player umpires).

Fall Tournament 2019

The political climate sizzles with benevolence when foreign agents meet on Finland's neutral ground. The bullets fly in a good agreement, and the confidential documents change hands in the darkness of the night. Pharmacies in twilight alleys are experiencing a boom. At least those that provide herbs for buttering up of contacts. The coats are turned like daggers on Caesar's back. The turnover of ambassadors is hot, while international diplomacy is cold.


Fall Tournament 2019, "Headhunters", was played 7.-20.10.2019. The umpires were Sara Pyykölä (head umpire), Suvi Nurmi (weapons umpire), Juho Gröhn and Henrik Marttinen (player umpires).

Hear the jungle rhythm… The headhunters are on the move. An ancient ritual which is a rite of passage for one, a demonstration of strength for another, an opportunity for old payback for a third… The time has come again.

Skull collectors begin to stalk into each other’s territories. Those who take part in the ritual must forsake blood oaths and brotherhood – no one can be trusted. Everyone is alone, everyone has their own targets, but they are all united by the same rules: stay hidden. Kill or be killed. Now begins the danse macabre.

The surrounding jungle is filled with life. Each gleaming pair of eyes in the foliage might mean death – or just be a curious bystander. Which of the jungle’s inhabitants are harmless, and which are just waiting for the right moment: a lapse in attention, a lack of witnesses? The jungle keeps its secrets.

Keep calm and don’t lose your head.


Fall Tournament 2022, "BetaTest();", was played 3.-16.10.2022. The umpires were Atte Martikainen (head umpire), Juho Gröhn (weapons umpire), Erika Ojanperä and Sara Pyykölä (player umpires).

Surma* has greeted the world, but now the beta test is about to start. Dangerous bugs and hackers must tenaciously be hunted down and eliminated, before the functionality of Surma is compromised.
It is time to execute the kill program. (*Voluntary manslaughter under mitigating circumstances in Finnish.)

Execute kill.py (Y/N)?: Y
While players > 1:

Syysturnauksen 2022 juliste. / The poster for Fall Tournament 2022.