Fall Tournament 2023: Blood is thicker than water

Helsinki, a charming city at day, a flaring war zone of criminals at night. Counterfeits are spreading, smuggling is rampant and stakes are running high. Blood flows in the streets thicker than water until Fiores and Moores define the ruler of the streets once and for all.

The Fall Tournament 2023 of the Helsinki University’s Society of Human hunters: Blood is thicker than water will be played 2.10.-3.11. Anyone with a healthy sense of humour and a playful mind, who mainly resides in the capital region during the game, is welcome to participate.

Dates, times, locations, and descriptions

  • Orienting Studies of Assassination on Mon 2.10. at 18 o'clock in Cat (Mechelininkatu 3D, 00100 Helsinki)
    A casual get-together, where you can ask anything from experienced players and the umpires, and practice mock assassination. The space is accessible. We recommend coming to this event to all people participating in the tournament. 
  • Suomenlinna day game on Sat 7.10.
    The first part of the tournament, where you get to meet your team! More details will be sent to the enrolled.
  • A Helsinki city center game on Sat 14.10.
    The second part of the tournament, where a smartphone with a camera is essential instead of the tournament guns and information gathering is your trade! More details will be sent to the enrolled.
  • A murder ring 16.-29.10. on metropolitan area
    The third part of the tournament! This is the most traditional format, where players get to role play and plot more freely against their targets while trying to lead a normal life (more details on our website). The time window for participation is flexible. More details will be sent to the enrolled.
  • Kaivopuisto day game on Sat 28.10.
    The fourth part of the tournament, where you shall capture the briefcase! More details will be sent to the enrolled.
  • Final showdown on Fri 3.11. at 18 o'clock, the exact place in Helsinki TBA
    The plot thickens and ends! More details will be sent to all enrolled closer to the event, save the date and time already now!  We recommend coming to this event to all people participating in the tournament.

In this tournament, there are both day-long games and a murder ring for two weeks. You can choose your participation, so you don't have to come into all. The time window in the ring is also flexible, so let the umpires when you want to participate.

Päiväpeleissä pelaajat kokeilevat rennosti salamurhaamista erilaisin asein kevyillä säännöillä. Salamurharingissä osallistujat taas jaetaan murharinkeihin, joissa jokainen on sekä saalistaja että kohde. Peli on käynnissä vuorokauden ympäri, mutta pelaajat voivat halutessaan toivoa joitakin tiloja tai ajankohtia rauhoitetuiksi. Tavallisin ase on vesi- tai vaahtotikkapistooli, mutta tyylipisteitä havitteleva murhaaja operoi mieluummin veitsellä, pommilla, myrkyllä tai vaikkapa tappavalla käärmeellä.

The enrollment is open until 1.10. via Google Forms. 15 HUSH overall badges are given away at random to the enrolled!

>> To the enrollment form!

The participation is free of charge. If you do not understand Finnish, please contact the umpires after the enrollment. More information regarding the game will be sent to you after the enrollment period has ended. Meanwhile the umpires will gladly answer any questions: tuomaristo@salamurhaajat.net

Salamurhaajien nettisivuilta löytyvät pika- ja turnaussäännöt sekä lyhyt esittely salamurhapeleihin:

A short introduction into assassination: https://salamurhaajat.net/en/mika-salamurhapeli.

Pocket rules: https://salamurhaajat.net/pikasaannot.

Tournament rules: https://salamurhaajat.net/turnaussaannot.

You may want to look over the event pages of old tournaments too, as they contain a good overview of the game's contents, especially for first-timers: https://salamurhaajat.net/en/menneet-tapahtumat/turnaukset. Finally, you can orienteer yourself into the art of assassination in Orientoivissa opinnoissa 2.10. klo 18 Kissassa (Mechelininkatu 3D, 00100 Helsinki)!

With murderous regards,
The umpires
tuomaristo[at] salamurhaajat.net