How to become a member?

You can apply for the association's membership via this form.
Before sending in the application, please take care to read through the association's rules and the data policy of the membership register.

The benefit of becoming an association member is having the right to get Assassins' sponsor aids in our sponsored and paid events. The membership for the year 2020 is free of charge. Please take note that the membership is not required to participate in Assassins' events, but board members must be members of the association.

The applications are discussed in the following board meeting. After the application has been handled, you will receive an email about the decision to the address submitted in the form. If there is a delay with the message or you have any questions concerning the membership, please take contact via email to the membership registrar: gdpr (at)

The membership register is cleaned annually from incorrect data, but if you know that your information has changed after submitting the application, you may notify the membership registrar about it: gdpr (at) All the questions regarding the membership register may be sent to the same address. Please take note that you can leave the register only by your own personal request addressed to the membership registrar: gdpr (at) salamurhaajat.netThis is equivalent to resigning from the association's membership. All questions regarding of resigning the association's membership may also be sent to the board or the chairperson, in which case you are automatically erased from the membership register as well. You can contact the chairperson via email in the address pj (at) and the board can respectively be contacted in the address hallitus (at)

Other useful information for the (future) members

By joining the association, you do automatically get into the mailing list, which is used to advertise events, but Assassins are everywhere else too (including under your bed). Henceforth check all our info channels from here!