Current board (2022)

Chairperson: Atte Martikainen, club room representative

Board members:

  • Laura Leskelä, secretary, environment and equality representative
  • Laura Väisälä, vice chairperson
  • Erika Ojanperä, treasurer
  • Simo Lehtinen, sanction minister
  • Henrik Marttinen, web administrator, member registry and data policy administrator

The officials outside the board:

  • Jesse Lankila (Murhamaster administrator)

When taking contact to the board and officials, send an email to the address hallitus(at)

Furthermore, when addressing other assassins, it is a tradition to refer to them with their respective titles and surnames (e.g., "sister Leskelä" or "feast minister Itkonen"). The titles are bestowed in a following fashion:

  • don: those who have served a year as a chairperson
  • apprentice: current vice chairperson (or persons)
  • conservator: current secretary
  • embezzler: current treasurer
  • murder minister:  current board member
  • feast minister: the person currently responsible for meetings' catering
  • sanction minister: current umpire of the board's sanction game
  • Murder master: current Murhamaster administrator
  • culture master: current cultural activity coordinator
  • web master: current web administrator
  • ceremony master: current Sacrificial Celebration organizer
  • cat knight: current club room cluster representative, a member of Cat Court
  • Cat sovereign: current leader of the Cat Court (i.e., cat knights), the club room cluster
  • brother or sister: a member of the Helsinki University's Society of Headhunters, including the ones outside the current or former boards
  • minister / master: the suffix of the title depending whether the holder of the title belongs to the current board (minister) or not (master)
  • On the first chairperson term, there is a habit of adopting another term referring to a relative as a honorary title, such as "big brother" or a "godmother".