The board's sanction game aka halsank

This page deals with the details of the board's sanction game (known as halsank for its Finnish acronym) played among the board members only.


  • Whether a board member is late from the board meeting without delivering notification about it to the chair person at least an half an hour prior to the meeting's scheduled start, the delay sanction dictated by these rules is applied to him/her.
  • Whether the chairperson is unable to attend the board meeting on time, s/he must convey the information about the absence or delay to the vice chairperson.
  • If the meeting is scheduled to start at, say, 18:00, it starts 18:00:00 etc.
  • The delay is estimated according to the chairperson's watch. The chairperson is obligated to keep his/her watch on correct time. If the chairperson is not present at the start of the meeting, the time is taken from the watch of the first attendee.
  • The delayed member of the board becomes wanted in the board's sanction game. If more than two members are delayed from the meeting, they shall hunt each other.
  • The treasurer or another appointed person to the task, aka halsank umpire, is the person responsible for updating the scoreboard and receiving the reports of the game's events.
  • Whether a board member is abroad at the time of the board meeting, s/he will become wanted for exile.
  • The board may choose to warrant its own members for other reasons concerning the organization's activity according to its own consideration.
  • One sanction game round lasts for the term of the board.
  • In addition to the player who has gathered most points, the player who executed the best assassination is also awarded. The best assassination is chosen by the board in the end of its term. The chosen players are always awarded annually in the Sacrificial Celebration.


  • The sanction game starts from the midnight following the meeting and ends at midnight prior to the next meeting.


  • All weapons allowed in the tournament rules are allowed in the sanction game.
  • If some other assassination tournament or game is taking place at the same time, it is recommended that only direct weapons (pistols and knives) are used in the sanction game so that possible misunderstandings may be resolved on the scene.


  • Observers or other witnesses do not count (with the exception of HYS's events, see below).


  • Self-defense is allowed, but successful (i.e, results in death) self-defense does not bring points to its executioner. The killed stalker may not attempt the murder of the same target before a day has passed; i.e, a new attempt is allowed only after midnight. Stalking of other wanted board members is still allowed for the killed stalker.


  • In events organized by HYS, for example umpire meetings, only one (1) witness is allowed.


  • The victim may die many times. Each murderer may, however, kill the victim only once.
    • If a board member has more than one warrant on him/her at the same time, each murderer may kill him/her once per warrant. A killing of the same target is still not allowed more than once during the same day.
  • The first killer gets 10 points, the second 8 points, the third 5, the fourth 4, the fifth 2, the sixth and ones after him/her 0.
  • The umpire may grant extra points for stylish murders according to his/her own consideration, maximum being three points per act.


  • If a board member exits Finland, a warrant is issued on the basis of exile. The exile warrant starts from the midnight prior to the exit and lasts until the midnight following the return.
  • Assassination executed abroad are scored followingly: an assassination executed in Europe +10 points, an assassination executed outside of Europe +20 points. The western part of Ural in Russia is counted as a part of Europe.
    • +5 points are granted from assassinations executed outside the capital metropolitan area, but inside Finland's borderlines.


  • After the execution resulting from a delay sanction has taken place, both parties must immediately report from the act to the halsank umpire. The deadline for the murderer is one week from the act, or the assassination is cancelled.


  • Breaking the rules will result in the sanction procedure.