Tutkain 2021

HYS kirjoitti jutun toiminnastaan valtsikan lehteen Tutkaimeen syksyllä 2021. Voit lukea jutun suomeksi täältä. Englanninkielinen versio löytyy alta, päätoimittajan siunauksilla.

Have you ever wanted to plot for days on end to shoot complete strangers with a water pistol? Are you susceptible to hysterics when an acquaintance on bowing terms asks you suddenly for a cup of tea? Does a playful little assassin live in your heart?

The Helsinki University’s Society of Human hunters aka HUSH (also known as Assassins or Assassins’ Guild) has practiced and maintained a playful human hunting sport since 2004. Closest to our wretched black hearts is an assassination game (more details here), but also paintball, Megazone and other jolly slaughter fests are in our interests along with dinner table parties. As such, our usual year holds many annual traditions: two solo and one team assassination game held often for several weeks, known as Spring, Fall and Team Tournaments, as well as our anniversary party Sacrificial Celebration and Masquerade Ball, where we solve a mystery in a Venetian masquerade ball (watch a teaser here, only in Finnish though). Additionally, we organize atmospheric excursions and shorter day-long assassination games around the year. Recent times, though, have sadly led even us, the creatures of shadows, to look for new methods of operation in broad daylight across the safety distance.

“Last year went by mostly in Discord, even for the board. Our Sacrificial Celebration and Team Tournament were the victims of the first wave, which was a devastating blow for us. After recovering from the turbulence of the early year, we wanted to organize any events the situation could allow safely”, an anonymous source reveals.

“Our Discord server became our headquarters, when we found out an old active of ours had gathered other murderous comrades in there. Our old book club was resurrected, and we organized more casual discussions and hang-outs, but by far the most popular events were different game nights. Whether it was Project Winter, Among Us or The Detective: Modern Crime Game aka HUSH Detective, participants and corpses were piling up each week. Another honorary mention goes to our mystery role-playing game, oozing with the thrill of mystery-solving like the Masquerade Ball. The last enrollment went full in 30 minutes!”

“Our Discord activities still continue, but we are slowly returning to hybrid and live events. Even though fleeing from your hunter and catching up to your future victim while holding weapons is satisfactory live or virtually, nothing chills our spines quite like the physical paranoia. Henceforth we are trying to introduce freshers to this noble feeling and the skill of nerf shooting in the Fresher Adventure and a casual short assassination game soon before the weathers go too cold. Our member email list is a good source of info when new blood is going to be spilled.”

Lack of equipment is not an obstacle for participation: HUSH is very proud of its loan weapon arsenal, including foil knives, nerf-guns, water pistols and poisonous pets. A part of the collection remains strictly ceremonial, like the Esa skull, Sacrificial Lamb and holy trinity formed by the task knife, vice chair knife and chairperson machete; however, a suitable place in the board will let you handle even these treasures. In addition, by being very deadly in the board’s own assassination game, you can even get the dear Bullet come your way.

Welcome aboard and remember that an assassin is always shadowing you, so be prepared!