Other events

HUSH has a wide range of recreational events alongside assassination games. On this page there is a short recap about history of the most traditional and well-established events.

Thorat Opening

Throat Opening is the Assassins' annual recreational evening. The nature of the event has varied from an assassination game all the way to the a dinner table party and a board game night, and the timing has changed from the end of the year to the start of the spring, but the event's name has stood the test of time, and the very first Throat Opening has been held numerous years backwards. The primary purpose of the event has survived as well, since during the event people still studiously practice the songs from our songbook in preparation for dinner table parties.

Sacrificial Celebration

The Sacrificial Celebration is the Assassins' anniversary party held at spring. The Celebration has been held annually since 2006, and has some valued traditions, such as handing out awards to distinguished assassins and the annual winner of the board's sanction game as well as an assassination game played during the party.

Ending of Spring Season

The Ending of Spring Season is a more or less established casual hanging-out meant to celebrate the end of the University's spring term. Most often the event is held at the end of May.


The Harvest is the board's recreational weekend held in August. Most often the Harvest is situated at a veteran assassin's summer cottage, and the program consists of sauna, an assassination game and a casual dinner table party. The Harvest has first been held at 2006, and the tradition is on-going.

Orientation Studies

Orientation Studies is recently established fresher event. It is a casual meeting, where freshers get a chance to know Assassins and practice their assassination skills for the upcoming assassination tournaments with the help of active assassins. Usually Orientation Studies take place at August or September before the first big assassination tournament at fall.

Masquerade Ball (The Winter Night's Masquerade Carnival)

The Masquerade Ball, or the Winter Night's Masquerade Carnival, as it is most often called, is a party held between the end of fall and the start of winter. In its nature it is close to the spirit of Venetian masquerade balls: the participants must wear a mask to the party and one part of the program is dancing on a spacious floor with a free etiquette. What makes the party truly original, however, are our own murderous twists: the other parts of the night's program may well be the solving of a murder mystery or an assassination game. The Masquerade Ball has been held for several years, and it is one of the most popular annual events of Assassins.

Naamiaistanssien 2019 mainos. / An ad for Masquerade Ball 2019.

Club nights

Assassins gather now and then to our club room to spend time, often with a casual program. Past programs have included a book club, a movie night, crafting our own carnival masks and simple and short mock assassination games, among other things.

Other events

Occasionally HUSH also organizes boardgame nights and excursions for example. Past excursion destinations include murderous local history tours in Helsinki, theater shows, film theater showings and Megazone.