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Noudatamme Euroopan tietosuoja-asetusta emmekä julkaise tai käsittele henkilötietoja sivustolla ilman asianomaisten kirjallista lupaa.

We value your privacy, and we don’t collect cookies for advertisement or analytics purposes. All our cookies are necessary cookies for the websites’ functionality, which we can’t remove. If you so wish, you can try and decline them from your browser directly, but please take note this may affect your experience with the website. Below you can see a detailed description of the cookies the website collects during your visit.

Evästeemme yksityiskohtaisesti

CookieDurationPurposeCollectorTypeSpecial notes
wp-settings-{userid}1 yearPreserves the admin user’s WordPress configurations.wordpress.orgNecessary
wp-settings-time-{userid}1 yearPreserves the time, when the cookie wp-settings-{userid} was set.wordpress.orgNecessary
wordpress_sec_{random_string}When the session expiresPreserves the time when the cookie wp-settings-{user} was set.wordpress.orgNecessaryThere may be multiple cookies of this kind with different random strings for admins and editors.
author1 yearPreserves the author’s name from the pages and posts.wordpress.orgNecessary
wp-langWhen the session expiresPreserves the user’s language choice.wordpress.orgNecessary
wordpress_logged_in_{random_string}When the session expiresPreserves the information about the user type (user, admin or editor) you’re logged in at the moment.wordpress.orgNecessaryThere may be multiple cookies of this kind with different random strings for admins and editors.
wordpress_test_cookieWhen the session expiresThis cookie tests whether your browser allows cookies.wordpress.orgNecessary
Taulukko evästeistämme. / A table of our cookies.