Pocket rules


    About the tournament

    • The game starts and ends at a predetermined time. The winner of the game is the player (or the team), who has gathered most points after the tournament has concluded.
    • Points are received from:
      • possible extra missions explicitly announced by the umpires.
    • Keep calm and sensible, and practice common sense actively. The game is meant to be fun for everyone and under no circumstances should it cause unreasonable disturbance or damage to anyone, especially bystanders. Paranoia and suspicion do not justify breaking this rule. If you are in doubt about compliance with this rule during the game, approach the umpires.
    • You are not allowed to tell about participation to other people after the game has started, with the singular exception that you are trying to explain your rude behaviour to a bystander. This rule is meant to prevent the recruiting of outsiders' help.
    • Take note of the the required background information for the game, namely your name, alias, address, email, portrait and schedule. Only the alias is public knowledge (even after the game); the other information will remain inside the game and will be deleted after the game has concluded. The assassins stalk you only in your nightmares after the game has ended!
    • The game includes the following roles:
      • 2-4 people act as the umpires , who referee the game and the players and are the final in-game authority.
      • The assassin kills their targets with various tournament weapons and acts as a target for other assassins.
      • The detective arrests wanted assassins by pointing them with a pistol, by announcing clearly and audibly the call to surrender "[alias], surrender" and finally by shooting the target to death. The surrender is not accepted and no mercy is given, as the target always dies at the end of arrest. The target can of course run off during the call or shoot the detective in self-defense!
      • The dead do nothing except lie restlessly unhappy in their graves unless notified otherwise by the umpires.
      • The rabbit (extra target) acts as a target for the assassins, but does not hunt other assassins.
      • Observers are people, who see or could see (the observer's line of vision is 360 degrees, so just having their backs turned to you is not enough) the murder taking place.
      • Witnesses are people, who can point out the murderer after the murder has taken place (ie., all observers are witnesses, but not all witnesses are observers - think for example a situation where somebody sees you exiting a room with your victim all in your twosome).
      • Bystanders are people not participating in the game, and therefore do not know what they are missing out!
    • All the players start out as assassins if they do not ask for anything else explicitly and in advance from the umpires.
    • All the players except detectives (and teams) work individually. Detectives (and teams) can cooperate, in which case the umpires split their points.

    About the weapons

    • All in-game weapons fall strictly under the following four basic principles:
      • Fakeness principle: no weapon must look like an actual weapon.
      • Head principle: nothing is aimed at the head.
      • Fairness principle: every weapon must be possible to avoid.
      • Damage principle: no weapon must cause actual damage.
    • Tournament weapons (pistols, different poisons and knives) can be freely used in the tournament without the weapons umpire's permit, given that the roles are accounted for: the assassins can use all tournament weapons and the detectives can use only pistols. The tournament weapons and their criteria are described below along with their pictures. If you are unsure whether your choice of weapon is eligible to be a tournament weapon, contact the weapons umpire.

    Pistols are water and foam dart guns that kill you if their shot projectile hits you. Light obstacles, such as a folder or paper, won't protect you, but furniture and doors will. To avoid the accurate extinction, zig-zag fast behind the heaviest object you can see.

    A knife , that is, aluminium foil wrapped around flexible cardboard, can give you a killing blow. The knife has at least 15 centimeters long and bending blade that gives under pressure so that it doesn't hurt anybody. To avoid the steely demise, stay far away from the blade!

    Poisonous animals , which are different objects (eg. plushies and plastic toys) fashioned after poisonous animals with a black string around them, can poison you to death. To avoid the deadly cuteness, wear leather gloves or use pliers when handling the animals and don't let them touch bare skin.

    Contact poison , aka hand cream or moisturizing lotion, kills you when it touches bare skin. The contact poison must be spread as a visible layer to work. To avoid the moisturizing rigor mortis, wear leather gloves or use pliers when handling the poison and don't let it touch bare skin.

    Modern food poison , namely a tape with a black "x" adhered to the bottom of a food container, poisons all consumables on top or inside the container. To avoid the deadly aftertaste, remove the tape from the bottom before you eat or drink anything from the container.

    Traditional food poison , ie., vinegar, causes demise, if it is eaten or drunk in such a amount that it can be detected by taste buds. To avoid the bitter taste of defeat, don't eat or drink the poisoned food or get yourself an immunity by eating nothing but foods containing vinegar, such as pickles or vinegar chips, throughout the tournament.

    Kuva feikkipommista, jonka päällä näkyy viesti. / A picture about a fake bomb, with a message attached on top.

    Other than aforementioned weapons can be used, if explicitly and in advance you have acquired a permit from the weapons umpire. A fancy and stylish plan can increase your chances of getting the permit. A typical example of umpire-regulated weapons are bombs, as seen in the picture. More detailed bomb rules.

    Other examples of more exotic umpire-regulated weapons are eg. a scorpion pit, an arson, a scythe, a blow by heavy object and gas poisoning.

    Special notes

    • Avoid killing bystanders to your last breath! It can lead to becoming wanted, as efficiency is the key in slaughtering!
    • Only assassins' actions can have witnesses and observers. Over 2 observers nullifies the action, otherwise you risk becoming wanted and receive penalty points according to the scoring tables at the end of the page, because it is undeniably unsettling to to have to witness a murder in public. The detectives' actions, however, can not have witnesses or observers, for who fool would stop a justified citizen arrest!
    • Only the assassins' actions have pro level differences in use, the detectives' actions do not. The level differences' purpose is to level out the game between new and experiences players so that the games don't evolve into a totally unfair massacre for the pros at the expense of the rookies. Additionally, they direct the players to go for the style instead of the amount. Most importantly, the level differences grant extra points, so actually the pros should be slaughtered at the first opportunity to secure one's own victory! For example, if an untitled player murders an LL player, the untitled gets three extra points. Likewise a BB player would get one extra point for the murder of a MM player. Note that pro levels are never granted during a game, instead they are granted only once in a year in the Sacrificial Celebration. This is meant to prevent rule changes in the middle of a game. The pro levels are as follows:
      • Bachelor of Blood, BB (2 murders and 3 other actions)
        • 50% higher chance of becoming wanted
      • Master of Murder, MM (5 murders, 5 other actions and 1 umpire)
        • all the preceding limitations apply
        • home stairway murders are forbidden
        • becomes wanted if one has less than 10 points from two or more murders
      • Licentiate of Liquidation, LL (10 murders, 10 other actions, 1 head umpire and 2 other umpires)
        • all the preceding limitations apply
        • pistols are forbidden
        • becomes wanted immediately in the case of a witness, a rule breach or if one has less than 10 points from two or more murders
      • Doctor of Demise, DD (10 murders, 10 other actions, 2 head umpires, and 3 other umpires)
        • all the preceding limitations apply.
    • You are not allowed to escape into safe zones or conduct actions in them! Safe zones are for example toilets, dressing rooms, players' apartments without a separate invitation, rooms where people can presumably dress off, and other possible spaces, which are explicitly and in advance requested from the umpires and are notified to other players during the tournament as needed.
    • Respect Finnish law, police, umpires, players and privacy - in other words, be a civil and proper assassin!
    • Remember to report to the umpires within 48 hours of your action or death! A selection of example reports in Drive with their points. The umpires especially value grudges whispering from beyond the grave, as well as dramatic actions that fit the theme of the tournament.
    • Have fun slaughtering!


    Salamurhan pisteytys / Murder scoring

    OperationReportStyleHome stairwayWitnessesBystandersBomb squadFirst weapon of its kindPro level differenceAt maximum
    Points101-3, -5 if missing0-3-2-2 per witness-1 per collateral damage-20-10-421

    Pidätyksen tai itsepuolustuksen pisteytys / Self-defense or arrest scoring

    OperationReportStyleAt maximum
    Points51-2, -5 if missing1-310

    Kuoleman pisteytys / Death scoring

    ReportAt maximum
    Points1-2, 0 if missing2