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Helsinki University's Society of Human hunters aka HUSH (also known as Assassins or Assassins' Guild) organizes assassination games and other assassination-themed events in the capital metropolitan area.

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  • Meillään olevaa kevätturnausta voi seurata here
  • The upcoming events are listed here.
  • Assassins wrote an article about their activities to Tutkain, the social science students' magazine! You can read the article in Finnish from here and in English from here.
  • The instructions how to join the association's mailing list and Discord server are here.
  • The upcoming events are advertised also on our Facebook page.
  • More info about the assassination games is available here.
  • The complete set of tournament rules is available here.
  • The list of current board members is here.
  • The instructions how to become a member are available here.