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Helsinki University's Society of Human hunters (HUSH)

”The members of the Guild of Assassins considered themselves cultured men who enjoyed good music and food and literature. And they knew the value of human life.
To a penny, in many cases.”

– Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

Have you ever wanted to plot for days on end to shoot complete strangers with a water pistol? Are you susceptible to hysterics when an acquaintance on bowing terms asks you suddenly for a cup of tea? Does a playful little assassin live in your heart?

The Helsinki University's Society of Human hunters aka HUSH (also known as Assassins or Assassins' Guild) practices and maintains a playful human hunting sport. Closest to our wretched black hearts is an assassination game, but also paintball, Megazone and other jolly slaughter fests are in our interests. Welcome aboard!

Fall Tournament 2023

One of our biggest fall events will take you into a heated fight between two mafia families! Enroll now, or at the latest 1.10. More details about the Fall Tournament 2023 are available on the tournament page.


Assassins are hosting giveaways 30.8.-1.10., where you can win HUSH overall badges or HUSH songbooks! Enroll now to all, so you get the best chances to win!

HUSH and its activities briefly


HYSiä ja HYSin toimintaa lyhyesti esittelevä video. / A video introducing HUSH and its activities briefly.


Assassins wrote an article about their activities to Tutkain, the social science students' magazine! The article in Finnish and the article in English.


Helsinki University's Society of Human hunters
Mechelininkatu 3 D (Cat Cluster)
00100 Helsinki

To get in, ring a doorbell that has a label "Cat" on it or call the number listed in the door sign. Our clubroom is on the basement floor of the building. The clubroom is accessible, but the toilets are not.

Contact information

Board: hallitus (at)

Anonymous harassment contact form in Drive

Anonymous feedback form in Drive

Public documents

We preserve our most valuable documents, such as the association's rules, data policies, anonymized minutes and club room cluster's documents, in Google Drive.

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