Upcoming events

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Updated 10.9. at 12.00: In the light of the current corona situation, UH and HYY guidelines, Assassins have decided to keep most of our events virtually at our Discord server. You can join the server via this link: https://discord.gg/vcW8tfk.

We remind everyone of the importance of regular handwashing, facemasks and safety distances and also to consider carefully about moving in crowds. More information available here:

THL: https://thl.fi/en/web/thlfi-en/-/coronavirus-infection-now-a-risk-in-many-countries-efforts-being-made-to-slow-the-start-of-the-epidemic-in-finland?redirect=enwebinfectious-diseases

Helsinki University: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/news/qa-effect-coronavirus-your-studies.


Assassins' upcoming events:

  • A game night at Discord server each Thursday from 20 o'clock onwards.
  • Lukupiiri kokoontuu Discordissa osallistujien toiveiden mukaan. Seuraava tapaaminen keskiviikkona 14.10. klo 18.
  • A board meeting at Discord on Thursday 17.9. from 18 o'clock onwards.
  • Orientation (distance) Studies at Discord on Wednesday 30.9. from 18 o'clock onwards. A discussion event where you can get to know Assassins with other freshers through the stories of active assassins.
  • Song night at Discord on Friday 2.10.
  • Godfather movie nights at Discord (the exact time announced later).
  • An assassination game at park (the exact time and details announced later).
  • Murder mystery solving at Discord (the exact time and details announced later).