Upcoming events

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Updated 4.10.2021 at 12.20: In the light of the current corona situation, UH and HYY guidelines, Assassins have decided to keep our events either live or virtually/hybrid at our Discord server. You can join the server via this link: https://discord.gg/vcW8tfk.

We still remind everyone of the importance of regular handwashing and safety distances and the special importance of using face masks when safety distances are not possible. More information available here:

THL: https://thl.fi/en/web/thlfi-en/-/coronavirus-infection-now-a-risk-in-many-countries-efforts-being-made-to-slow-the-start-of-the-epidemic-in-finland?redirect=enwebinfectious-diseases

Helsinki University: https://guide.student.helsinki.fi/en/news/qa-effect-coronavirus-your-studies.


Assassins' upcoming events:

HYY Fresher Adventure

Assassins are participating to the Fresher Adventure with a check point located in Hesperia Park, numbered 51.

16.10. 15 o'clock The Ghan - eventful journey: HUSH murder mystery in Discord

Unfortunately this event is held in Finnish only. The description below is just for show and intrigue.

Matkustajajunan kyytiin on Adelaidessa noussut joukko innostunutta väkeä. Ihmiset ovat matkalla Alice Springsiin, jossa varakkaan maalaistilan pojan Walter Schofieldin on määrä naida rikas orpoperijätär Alice Macdonald. Hääseuruetta odottaa useamman päivän matka halki hiekkaisen erämaan ja hylättyjen kylien. Mitä kaikkea ehtiikään tapahtua, ennen kuin seurue pääsee perille?

Assassins' virtual Discord roleplaying-game is here again! This time we are in the Australian desert at 1930s, where a famous train Ghan is traveling across the dunes. The train is full of people, who have left to make it to Alice Springs, where a young pair is to be wedded. There is turmoil among the guests however, when the passengers wake up to a sinister accident on the morning of the second day. Are you ready to travel along and find out what happened?

The game is played on Saturday 16.10. at 15 o'clock. The game lasts for several hours, so it would be essential that the participants are available for the rest of the day. The game is played on a separate Discord server, where participants will be invited upon enrolling. To play, you need only a laptop or a mobile phone with a microphone and an internet connection. Due to the nature of the event, the amount of players is limited to 12 people, so enroll quickly!

The enrollment closes on 9.10. and takes place via the following form: https://forms.gle/US6TBG6YCBfe8BWM9 Welcome aboard!

If you have questions regarding the event, you can contact the organizers via email: laura.k.leskela@helsinki.fi

23.10. A day-long assassination game in Suomenlinna at afternoon

A team game with Nerf- and water guns. More details coming soon! 

Other events:

  • (Virtual) A game night at Discord server each Thursday from 20 o'clock onwards.
  • (Virtual) A bookclub gathers on Wednesdays at Discord, according to the participants' wishes of the schedule.
  • (Hybrid) Board meetings take place at Discord about once a month and association meetings twice a year.
  • (Live) The Masquerade Ball is held at the end of November or the start of December, if the situation allows. More details will be sent to the member email list closer to the event. The subscription instruction are available here.