Upcoming events


  • Assassination tournaments and games, usually several in a term
  • Anniversary celebration in the spring
  • Masquerade ball with a murder mystery to be solved at the end of the year
  • Interesting excursions at least two times a year
  • Board and video games occasionally
  • Club nights and casual hang outs around the year
  • Board meetings every second or third month in twilight
  • Association meetings twice a year during the nights of new moon
  • Anything else we come up with and can organize!

Is your favorite event idea missing from the list? Let us know via Google Forms!

Event calendar

How to stay informed about upcoming events?

Member list

The best way to get the latest information is to subscribe to the Assassins' mailing list, which is used to advertise all our upcoming events. You can subscribe to the list in different ways:

Way 1 (Google Forms):

  1. Fill a Google Forms to subscribe to the member list
  2. Wait in peace, until the notification about the subscription arrives into your email
  3. You're done!

Way 2 (a pre-filled message):

  1. Press the email icon at the end of this page
  2. An email window will open. Write your email address to the spot reserved for it
  3. Press "Send"
  4. You're done!

Way 3 (a self-written message):

  1. Open your email, and write a new message
  2. Add as an recipient majordomo (at) helsinki.fi 
  3. Write to the text field subscribe hys-lista youremailaddress (at) email.com
  4. Press "Send"
  5. You're done!

(Unsubscribing from the list is done by sending to the same address the following message: unsubscribe hys-lista youremailaddress (at) email.com.)

If problems occur while trying to join the list, the data policy representative can help you via email: gdpr (at) salamurhaajat.net. Please take note, however, that all accepted membership applications are automatically added into the subscribers as well, so you can alternatively apply for our free membership and get a valuable benefit from the Assassins' sponsoring while at it. Instructions how to apply for the membership.


Assassins' Instagram is a brand new social media! We set it up during fall 2023 so that we can occasionally post visual materials about our current activities and ads about our upcoming events. Follow the account to get a sneak peek behind the scenes and know what is coming next! You can also send questions to us via Instagram.


Assassins' Discord server is a casual and cozy meeting place for all murderous people. Many side activities, such as game nights, hanging outs, brainstorming for events and occasional board meetings used to take place at the server. The server has quieted down nowadays, but even still people occasionally post song ideas and look for gaming company here. If you wish to know all there is to know about the Assassins, there is no better place to come and ask anything! If you are afraid of meeting new people alone, grab a friend along for the mental support - the server is open for everyone!


Assassins' Facebook page is updated occasionally with posts about Assassins' events. Like and follow us, and you won't miss the biggest events of the year! (At least those big events you want to tell your friends about while they are going on! ;) ) You can send messages via Facebook too, if you have any questions for us.

Google Calendar

HUSH maintains a Google Calendar about its events. You can add the calendar to your calendar app with reminders so that your phone will automatically handle all event advertising for you. Here are the instructions:

  1. Subscribe to the Assassins' calendar in Google Calendar by pressing this link
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Add the reminders from the app's calendar settings
  4. You're done!