Day games

Turnausten lisäksi Salamurhaajat järjestävän silloin tällöin päiväpelejä. Päiväpelit ovat nimitys päivän mittaisille salamurhapeleille, joita pelataan tietyissä paikoissa vaihtelevilla formaateilla. Tällä sivulla on kerrottu lyhyesti erilaisista päiväpeleistä sekä muista turnausten ulkopuolisista salamurhapeleistä ja niiden historiasta.

Rabbit games

In a rabbit game participants hunt for public targets instead of cyclic murder rings, often in a limited space. Most commonly the rabbit game is held annually as a General Game, but other rabbit games have been held during the years as well, such as the HYY150-Festival's assassination tournament and the Rabbit Game 2015 located in the Sea Fortress Suomenlinna.

Cruise games

Its own sub-type of day games are the cruise games, which are played exclusively aboard cruising ships! Consequently if you happen to see someone on your weekend holiday peeking over the corner while holding a water pistol or stealthily sneaking through the cabin corridors, the person might very well be an assassin participating in an on-going game. It is naturally best to leave these people in their own peace consumed by the lovely and heady paranoia, even if you cross paths with them. The Cruise Game's roots, like the association's, extend to 2000s.

Linnanmäki games

Another sub-type of day games are the Linnanmäki games held at the beginning of fall. The game format consists of individuals' murder rings, a team game of capture-the-flag and a photography missions, so plenty of action is going on in these games. To avoid making the game too cumbersome, special weapon-dependent witness rules are used. A Linnanmäki game has been organized at least on 2016 and 2016.

Ropecon games

Assassins have once or twice entertained Ropecon visitors with a special day game.