Current board (2023)


Sara Pyykölä

  • clubroom deputy representative
  • IT administrator
  • communication representative
  • fresher coordinator

Board members

  • Atte Martikainen
    • secretary
    • harassment contact person
  • Laura Leskelä
    • anniversary party coordinator
  • Laura Väisälä
    • vice chairperson
    • harassment contact person
  • Erika Ojanperä
    • treasurer
    • Surma administrator
  • Simo Lehtinen
    • the umpire for the board's sanction game
  • Henrik Marttinen
    • member registry and data policy administrator
    • environment and equality representative
  • Suvi Lintuvaara
    • clubroom representative
  • Mira Nybom


  • Jesse Lankila
    • Surma administrator

Contact info

Contact the board and officials via email: hallitus (at)


Furthermore, when addressing other assassins, it is a tradition to refer to them with their respective titles and surnames (e.g., "sibling Virtanen" or "feast minister Aaltonen"). The conventional titles are bestowed in a following fashion (if you come up with a new one not in the list, let the board know about it):

  • don: have spent a year as a chairperson
  • On the first chairperson term, there is an option of adopting another term referring to a relative as a honorary title, such as "big brother" or a "godmother".
  • embezzler: treasurer
  • murder minister:  board member
  • feast minister: meetings' catering representative
  • the bosanc minister: the umpire for the board's sanction game
  • culture minister: culture coordinator
  • web minister: IT administrator
  • ceremony master: anniversary party coordinator
  • Cat sovereign: the leader of the clubroom conclave (Cat Court)
  • cat knight: clubroom representative, the representative of the organization in the Cat Court (clubroom conclave)
  • brother, comrade, sibling or sister: a regular member of Assassins