Current board (2024)


godparent Seena Kuula

  • culture coordinator
  • song book committee

Board members

  • Eemeli Korhonen
    • secretary
    • fresher coordinator
    • song book committee
  • don Atte Martikainen
    • vice chairperson
    • communication coordinator
    • environment and equality representative
  • Henrik Marttinen
    • member registry and data policy administrator
    • harassment contact person
    • clubroom deputy representative
  • don Erika Ojanperä
    • clubroom representative
    • Surma admin
    • song book committee
  • don Sara Pyykölä
    • treasurer
    • IT administrator
    • communication coordinator
    • song book committee
    • Surma team

The officials (actives outside the board):

  • don Juho Gröhn
    • Surma team
  • Jesse Lankila
    • Surma team
  • Laura Leskelä
    • Anniversary party coordinator
  • Mira Nybom
    • Anniversary party coordinator
    • Communication coordinator
  • don Suvi Nurmi
    • Song book committee
  • Janne Nurmela
    • Day game coordinator

Contact info

Contact the board via email: hallitus (at)

Public documents

Anonymous harassment contact form in Drive

Anonymous single-event feedback form in Drive

Anonymous multi-event feedback form in Drive

We preserve our most valuable documents, such as the association's rules, data policies, anonymized minutes and club room's documents, in Google Drive.


Furthermore, when addressing other assassins, it is a tradition to refer to them with their respective titles and surnames (e.g., "sibling Virtanen" or "feast minister Aaltonen"). The conventional titles are bestowed in a following fashion (if you come up with a new one not in the list, let the board know about it):

  • don: have spent a year as a chairperson
  • On the first chairperson term, there is an option of adopting another term referring to a relative as a honorary title, such as "big brother" or a "godmother".
  • embezzler: treasurer
  • murder minister:  board member
  • feast minister: meetings' catering representative
  • the bosanc minister: the umpire for the board's sanction game
  • culture minister: culture coordinator
  • web minister: IT administrator
  • ceremony master: anniversary party coordinator
  • Cat sovereign: the leader of the clubroom conclave (Cat Court)
  • cat knight: clubroom representative, the representative of the organization in the Cat Court (clubroom conclave)
  • brother, comrade, sibling or sister: a regular member of Assassins